Rasht great bazaar

Rasht great bazaar of gilan and iran

The beautiful blend of delightful local sounds and tunes and diverse colors and flavors in the Rasht bazaar brings a sense of life and passion for travelers and passersby. In the corners of the Great Traditional Rasht Bazaar as a Tourist Attraction, you can find many effects from the beauty of folkloric culture in this lush province, which in its turn is very beautiful and attractive and can be considered one of the tourist hubs of Guilan province.

rasht great bazaar

rasht great bazaar

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About Rasht Bazaar

The Rasht bazaar is the Largest open bazaar in the country, and the sightseeing in the local bazaar of Rasht is so attractive and hearty that it can completely change your memory of the bazaar in Iran. The variety of products, their quality and their freshness is one of the most important reasons for the popularity of this bazaar between people and tourists.

Rasht Bazaar is an old bazaar located in downtown Rasht, which is the center of all commercial activities of Guilan province. Thousands of residents of the cities and villages of Gilan province and neighboring provinces are on a daily basis for trading in this bazaar. The Rasht bazaar for tourists has always been fascinating. Rasht is the largest Open roof bazaar in the country.

The Great Rasht Bazaar is located in the old and central district of this city and is the center of all commercial activities in the province of Gilan. This bazaar has large and small squares, quadrangles and caravansaries whose architectural and decorative styles have been preserved since ancient times. For this reason, there are tourist attractions. At the corners of the Great Rasht Bazaar, you can see the various effects of folklore culture, the effects of which are both very attractivein their own right. The bazaar is composed of a variety of sections including caravansaries and parks and etc.

In the 24th hectare of Rasht Bazaar, there are 14 caravansaries linked by various passages. These caravansaries were built in the Qajar era and early on in the Pahlavi era for commercial centers. Some of them are: large and small vaults, caravansaries of Mohtasham, Chinichian, Malek, etc., and shopping from the Great Rasht Bazaar, although it is difficult to navigate, but of its kind has many spectacular views. If you are entering the Great Rasht Bazaar to buy souvenirs or commodities and you will be entertained with a variety of beautiful colors of crops, fish and other types, do not forget the visit of the old caravansaries and big and small vaults.

Architecture of Rasht Bazaar and caravansaries

Unlike other bazaars in the cities of Iran, the Great Rasht Bazaar is not covered.

 And like many other bazaars in Iran, there are no dome ceilings or high-rise skylights. In the meantime, only part of the goldsmith shopping center is covered with Aleppo. The caravansaries of the Great Rasht Bazaar are with high platforms and vaults. Caravanserai, the central part of which is open. This is due to the use of sunshine during the sunny days of “Rain City”(Rasht).

The traditional bazaar in Rasht includes the big square, small square, quadrangles and caravansaries. The architecture of the caravansaries and vaults in the Great Rasht Bazaar is one of the tourist attractions of this bazaar. The large arches of this caravanserai were built in 1321 AH on the southern side of the small vaulted caravanserai and the passage of the goldsmiths and the western side of the Qaysirya Fakhr building, on the southern side of the small passageway and the eastern side of the plastic shop.

The small vaults and 13 other caravansaries are also linked by various passages in the 24 hectare  of the Great Rasht Bazaar and were built during the Qajar era and the early Pahlavi era. This caravansary is on the northern side of the Rasht city, adjacent to the Hajj Mojtahed Mosque, and is connected to the Malay Caravanserai through the Southern and Eastern Corridors and also runs through the northern corridor to the Hajj Mojtahed Mosque of Shariati Street. The saadat vault is located in the great square and plays an important role in the urban bazaar context. It dates back to the Qajar era, which in the past was considered one of the most important trade hubs.

Mohtasham Caravanserai, like other caravansaries, was built in Rasht's 24h hectare in 1300, and on the northwest side of the Golshan Caravanserai and its western side is the Attar bazaar. The ChiniChian Caravanserai is located near the Quadruple in the northwest of the Great Rasht Bazaar and is adjacent to the Haji Hasan Khan Pass. It was built in 1308 by the Chinichian brothers. Malek Caravanserai has an inbuilt bazaar style that was built during the Qajar era and was used to export rice to Russia and silk to Kashan and Yazd.

History of Rasht Bazaar

In the past, at the caravansaries of the Great Rasht Bazaar, camels that put silk rugs and other products on their pollen, would go to the port of Pirbazar Rasht to be exported to the Caspian Sea. The bazaar of the city of Rasht has seen a lot of incidents, once the Karim Khan's armies set fire to the bazaar and once ransacked the sergeant, Aqa Mohammad Khan Qajar. Natural disasters and human negligence have repeatedly set fire to the Rasht city and destroyed its mosque and its church.

Delicious food in the Great Rasht Bazaar

A large part of the attractiveness of Rasht's bazaar is summarized in the Delicious food. Here you are, do not forget to go to a restaurant, coffee shop in the bazaar. Rasht is one of the most attractive cities in the rain for the eating and bazaar restaurants are also able to provide one of the most delicious and freshest foods, because they have access to fresh ingredients. The appearance of restaurants may not be so chic, but the taste of their delicious food is much more attractive.

Of course, the appetizers of food in Rasht are not limited to restaurants. In Rasht, do not lose snuff, such as a curry flour, Fouman Flaxseed, freshly baked racha Rasht in rainy weather, bread rolls, cheese, walnuts, tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh garlic, fresh vegetables.

Address of Rasht Bazaar

Rasht Bazaar, Rasht City, Golestan Proince, Iran

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