Tajrish bazaar

Tajrish bazaar of tehran

Tajrish Bazaar as a Tourist Attraction in the Tehran is one of the most prominent places in Tehran, due to its proximity to Darband and the palaces of Saadabad and Niavaran, and all day long hosts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists. You can find everything in this Bazaar with the right quality. In the Bazaar of Tajrish, you will find a variety of handicrafts such as cashmere and Yazd copper dishes and Laljin pottery to types of nuts, sweets, saffron, spices, pickles and fruits. Iranians who have emigrated from abroad have always referred to Tajrish as one of the most memorable parts of northern Tehran.



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About Tajrish Bazaar

The Great Tekyeh of Tajrish is one of Tehran's oldest Tekyeh on this Bazaar. The Tajrish Bazaar, a small sample of the bazaar in Tehran, is one of the oldest shopping centers in Shemiran and connects two Sarpol and Tajrish neighborhoods.

Some sources say that the history of the market was back to seventy years ago. But some old-fashioned businesses also say the site is 150 years old. However, some of the structures that exist in this place are more than theirs. Like the famous Tekyeh on the market, which is said to have existed 220 years ago at the place of the market.

Architecture of Tajrish Tekyeh

Its Tekyeh architecture is one of the highlights and remarkable points of this place. Tajrish Tekyeh has an intermediate space and includes a two-story building. In the western part of Tekyeh, there is a large shop that has several doors, and the height that shop is more than other shops, and it is said to be the alcove. Also, there are 5 shops in the north side and 4 shops in the south and east sides. The upper floor of the building at Muharram is converted to a religious ritual, however, it is commercially available at other times. The roof of Tajrish Tekyeh in ancient times was kept by wooden columns, but today wooden and old columns are replaced by metal columns.

Shops in Tajrish Bazaar of Tehran

If you enter the indoor Bazaar from Tajrish Square, your attention  will attract to fruit and groceries. In these shops, there are a variety of colorful seasonal and fresh fruits and even strange fruits that you have never seen before. Even in the middle of winter you can find and buy summer types of fruits in these shops. In the market you can find a variety of different types of products from copper sauce, saffron, delicious pickles, handicrafts, spices, roses and rhinestones, sweets and nuts. In fact, this bazaar offers a very small scale in terms of everything that a tourist from the traditional Iranian market has in mind. For this reason, you can always see a lot of foreign tourists visiting this place for shopping and sightseeing.

Tajrish Bazaar Addresses

Tehran Province, Tehran, Tajrish Bazaar, Iran